My Harvard educated father, English Professor Phillip Marcus, wanted someone (anyone) 

to write Annie Hall into a Blazing Saddles musical...

After a long fall away from Pop's genius-tree, into the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, I've 

taken one footlong step forward: Schnitzengruben! (sausage link below to page 12 in Lind.Z pilot to taste).

If you are a producer, director, financier, script reader, writer, actor or actress, I encourage you to read

Little Red War Gods or Lind.Z to discover unique and marketable worlds. 

Only read 400 Sumo Samurai if you're in a hotbox.

With special thanks to Alan Zatkow for his artful illuminations.


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An Angel, wishing to blanket the world with her religion,  provokes an American Indian God to rebirth his greatest weapon: godly, rathful twins.

Little Red War Gods is a feature spanning many genre: Action & Adventure, Action Comedy, Action Thriller,

Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Mythological, Sci-Fi Disaster Films.



In the 1820s desert SW, Sibella, a cynical angel, tired of preaching to one Navajo at a time, provokes their god, Navajo Holy Father, to rebirth his greatest weapon: the vengeful Little Red War God twins. Once the twins are born, in 2,000A.D., young and vulnerable, Sibella will attempt to convert them to Christianity so they'll switch alliances to Christ. With such powerful allies, Christ will have the power to drown the other gods and their faithful in a spiritual flood of conversion, and Sibella will have succeeded in converting everyone in one swoop.


In 2020, 20 year old Carter, the baptized twin, remains blithely unaware of the war god he is inside. Nightly nightmares of Indians killing him, cause Carter to seek healing from God; Sibella is happy to help.  Keane, unbaptized, lives with the Navajo, and is secretly aware of his godly destiny. While Carter falls deeply in love with Sibella, Keane battles Indian spirits trying to kill him before he transforms into a Little Red War God and lays waste to all but the Navajo. Sibella harangues Keane as well, attacking his relationships within the Navajo ranks, and sowing doubt. When the twins finally transform, Carter does anything Sibella says to stop killing innocents: including begging Keane to bow to Christ the way he has. But Keane has his own ideas...

Coverage Quote from RECOMMEND given by We-Screen-Play

"What’s cool about this concept is that I haven’t read anything like it yet. It’s fresh, and that really says something in today’s day and age when seemingly every story has been told. Thus, this was a refreshing piece to read and I think will be memorable to future readers because it is one of a kind."

Notes from the BLACK LIST -

"This script presents an intense and mystical atmosphere following Keane and Carter who find out they are holy and meant for more. The opening is immediately engaging with Father Joseph and Sibella that creates anticipation for what's going to happen next in the story. There are great set pieces all around the world that are interesting. The world of mystical bridges is intriguing as they embark on their wild journey. The action is well written and it's intense with the different religions vying for control. It's funny and great when Carter starts transforming with the high stakes and ticking clock of him potentially killing so many if not stopped. The scene with the Navajo Holy Father and Jesus at the end is ripe entertainment with great dialogue. The ending is mysterious and satisfying when..."

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Little Red War Gods
received a RECOMMEND



A Gen.Z kid must wield peerless architectural skills, and amp up her generation to a rebellious pitch, before their truth is lost, and they fade to X.

Lind.Z is a 30 minute drama with action and comedic elements that move theme.

Lind, at 16, possesses the architectural skills of Howard Roark, and the ruler-free, multifaceted, personality of Sherlock Holmes: artistic, vain, whimsical, untidy, brave, sad, bohemian, solitary, brilliant, courteous, manipulative, fastidious, rude, abrasive, kind and neurotic. If focus and optimism are a superpower than she can be called a Marvel.

Rue in HBO's Euphoria (played to perfection by Zendaya) is Lind's polar opposite. Rue is anxious, bipolar, drug addicted - Lind is healthy, bold, and creative. Yet ... they share the ability to make audiences wonder what they'll do next, and most importantly, regardless of their shenanigans, we root for them.

As a wanderer with no discernible home base or familial limits, Lind seeks out adventures that utilize her unique skills, and a special set of tools, to build, to create, to love, to master hate. Each season she sets her sights on an almost unattainable goal: season one - bring a real Christmas to San Diego, season two - build a hamlet using 3D printers (not a utopia).

While Lind isn’t dogged by a large corporation seeking to control her, she is, ever so slowly, becoming aware of the needs of her Gen.Z brethren (equally stultifying). Gen.Z sees the world they will inherit as impossibly broken and corrupt and only they can save it from us. Lind, over the years, will build and invent creations that combine synergistically to provide Gen.Z with the safe future they crave.  

Bible Bullets

Lind's world is our world in 2021 (not dystopic). There isn't magic,

superheroes or aliens. She frequents San Diego more often than not,

but will travel when her notoriety is too high, or for a job, or project.

While not a loner, she is secretive, and the goals that drive her

are best fleshed out as a solitary crusader. 

Each episode sees new helpers and old:

I) Alexi: A wiry, clever man, helps Lind with bigger projects.

II) Tim Fields: A college age friend and anchor to Lind's youth.

III) Avant-garde Artist: He helps Lind stay out of the press for reasons of his own.

Season One - Episode One

Lind works on Christmas project: captures mule deer and fashions ornaments. 

In need of more than scooter cash, she deals with two dangerous men.

In a night of revenge, she carves a Penis Forest (not a metaphor).

Attacked by a mountain lion, Lind protects herself, dramatically.

George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and the 400 Sumo Samurai
a feature length, action, comedy.

The project title is just tongue 'n' cheek.  Plug in any celebrity with an interest in helping Africa, then add 400 Sumo Samurai, and presto: a cool, fun pic.

Logline: 400, 400LB Sumo Samurai, recruited in the USA, head to Africa to save the day, at the behest of their famous handlers.


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