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My Harvard educated father, English Professor Phillip Marcus, wanted someone (anyone) 

to write Annie Hall into a Blazing Saddles musical...

After a long fall away from Pop's genius-tree, into the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, I've 

taken one footlong step forward: Schnitzengruben!

If you are a producer, director, financier, script reader, writer, agent, actor or actress, I encourage you to read

Little Red War Gods or Lind.Z to discover unique and marketable worlds. 

Only read 400 Sumo Samurai if you're in a hotbox.

With special thanks to Alan Zatkow for his artful illuminations.


Scripts are registered with the WGA.


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Little Red War Gods is an epic, big tent, action feature, filled with diverse roles.

It takes place in 2021 in America's Desert Southwest and Ireland.

Log Line

Christian conversions at a trickle, a daring angel, provokes the return of Navajo Indian War God Twins to help.

Well intentioned as the angel is, if she can't convert the twins before they transform into fabled War Gods,

they'll lay waste to the world.


NAVAJO HOLY FATHER, furious with the ANGEL SIBELLA'S unthinkable attack on the spirit animals supporting the Navajo people, reincarnates his greatest weapon of revenge: The Little Red War God twins. KEANE the courageous twin, and CARTER the vulnerable funny twin, are born to an unremarkable caucasian family and, unknown to them, will grow into their future as Navajo Holy Father’s unquenchable killers. Once they're unleashed upon the world, nothing will remain alive except the Navajo. The twin's ascension is a time bomb that ticks loudly in all three acts. This is the first of three "possible" endings.

The angel Sibella has no intention of letting the twins transform into killing gods. When the twins are babes, she'll baptize them in secret, opening their hearts to Christianity and an alliance with Christ. This alliance will be so powerful, Christ will drown the other gods and their faithful in a spiritual flood of conversion. When the holy waters recede, everyone will be Christian. Sibella's fight for the twins to accept Christ as their Savior is ever present in acts one and two. This is the second of three "possible" endings.

While endings one and two are omnipresent, twisting and turning for supremacy, ending three is elusive:

Sibella's Third Ending 

Sibella is a beautiful Brazilian woman in her twenties. She is bold and confident and unwilling to accept failure. Her ambition in act one to antagonize a god, to bring back two more gods, and convert them to Christianity, before they kill almost everyone, begs the question: “does the payoff justify the risk?”  She could, without shame, continue prosthelytizing to one Navajo at a time. But chooses instead, to risk everything, to bring her faith to everyone in one fell swoop. The scaffolding of her planning, execution, and sacrifice, can be seen over and over again, as she struggles towards the only acceptable outcome: Christian twins. Though allegations of blind ambition might dog Sibella, the depth of her commitment will be adored by the audience of faithful; she is their ultimate crusader.

Keane and Carter's Third Ending

Keane and Carter diverge spiritually at birth, when Sibella baptizes Carter, but Navajo Holy Father intervenes for Keane. They're born white as rebirthing godly sons isn't an exact science. Now in their early twenties, the right catalyst will transform them into gods.

The core of Keane is that of healer. When Navajo Holy Father causes his grandmother to need him in Arizona, the Navajo seat of power, he doesn't hesitate to go to her. Early in act one, he learns he is holy, a fact he keeps secret from his new Navajo girlfriend and the spirit dog helping him. We empathize because his Sophie’s Choice is between his mortal self and his god self. If he reveals he is transforming, the Navajo will kill him. If he presses on and transforms, he will kill everyone except the Navajo. When he finally begs NASTAS to kill his mortal body, we know once and for all, that any indecisiveness that brought him to act three must be forgiven. It is his heroic willingness to fight that will make the impossible, possible.

When Carter inexplicably receives a full scholarship to Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, a Christian seat of power, he happily attends, unaware he's being set up. His life in Ireland is so manicured by Sibella that he isn’t aware of his godly future until act three. Early on, we empathize with Carter because Sibella has made his life so miserable he will have to seek out Christ as his savior. Instead of loving Christ, Carter falls hopelessly in love with Sibella. She is forced to trigger Carter’s final transformation into the Navajo killing god so she can impregnate his wishy washy agnostic spirit with her own. Now, as a 10 foot tall Navajo Indian killing machine, Carter desperately, ironically, appeals to Sibella to help him stop the slaughter. And Sibella is only too happy to oblige. Though it is hard to watch him sit out the final battle, busy bemoaning his lot, Carter remains heroic for his likability and humor. 

Suddenly, Ending "One" Happens

The Twins transform into their godly selves in act three.

The killing begins in earnest: grotesque and brutal.

The complex, cerebral threads, weaving the three heroes together, find them, in the last beat, doing battle atop Christ's Bridge. 

The bridge is so holy, you can cross to Christ in one direction and Navajo Holy Father in the other. 

Sibella’s final gambit, desperate, brilliantly conceived, fails; she succumbs.

Keane is left alone on Christ's Bridge to choose the fate of the world. 

Falling off the bridge to Christ, and bowing with Carter before him, will end the killing, without a doubt, and everyone in the world will become Christian - is that so bad? 

Falling off the bridge to Navajo Holy Father, the angry slighted god, with no idea if he'll  listen to reason, and stop the killing,

 is a terrible risk!

Carter begs Keane to cross the bridge to Christ - he can’t stand killing one more person.

Keane doesn't listen. 

He crosses the bridge to Navajo Holy Father.

Navajo Holy Father appears “above” Keane because he is also the Sun. 

Keane makes a heartfelt appeal.

Christ arrives.

Finally, the Third, "impossible" Ending

Christ is repentant for Sibella’s unchecked ambition and offers to give all of his followers over to Navajo Holy Father, if he stops the killing immediately. Navajo Holy Father agrees to the bargain. And the Navajo Way becomes “the way” of spiritual life in the world. 

The Navajo traditional way of life, called "walking in beauty," promises to bring forth the innate order and harmony of the universe in everyone. I'm up for giving that a try!!!

Set Pieces

Black Rock 

Tucked in an arena of red stone, the ominous boulder, is a prison of souls and birthplace of gods.

The World of Bridges

For shaman, spirits, and gods, the World of Bridges provide shortcuts when traveling. It's a beautiful, celestial, dangerous, array of bridges in every shape and color, stretching around the world and beyond.

Keane's Garden

Using his twin's essence, Keane grows a massive garden in the unforgiving desert.  Unknown to Keane, the garden is also Eden, 

a place where angels can make or break gods.

Christ's Bridge

A crystal suspension bridge in the Lord's Indians Manor - one end leads to Christ and the other Navajo Holy Father. It will play host to a world forever changed.

Coverage Quote from "RECOMMEND" awarded by We-Screen-Play

"What’s cool about this concept is that I haven’t read anything like it yet. It’s fresh, and that really says something in today’s day and age when seemingly every story has been told. Thus, this was a refreshing piece to read and I think will be memorable to future readers because it is one of a kind."

Notes from the BLACK LIST -

"This script presents an intense and mystical atmosphere following Keane and Carter who find out they are holy and meant for more. The opening is immediately engaging with Father Joseph and Sibella that creates anticipation for what's going to happen next in the story. There are great set pieces all around the world that are interesting. The world of mystical bridges is intriguing as they embark on their wild journey. The action is well written and it's intense with the different religions vying for control. It's funny and great when Carter starts transforming with the high stakes and ticking clock of him potentially killing so many if not stopped. The scene with the Navajo Holy Father and Jesus at the end is ripe entertainment with great dialogue. The ending is mysterious and satisfying when..."

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Little Red War Gods
received a RECOMMEND



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"You want to know who killed my mum? Santa, the Easter Bunny, St. Patrick, my Dad ... Pick!"

Lind.Z is scripted television with lots of drama for one hour in 2021 and beyond.

Most episodes take place in Southern California and some in Ireland.


Log Line

A teenage architecture prodigy, must use her Leonardo da Vinci-esque quirky genius, and cool

Leonardo DiCaprio-osity, to earn the millions it will take to recreate the Christmas pageant

that saw her mother burn to death; there’s a murder to solve and she's a suspect.

Lind.Z is a Gen Z teen-drama, that focuses on the life of Irish lass LIND CORMAC who, alone in America, uses peerless architectural skills, and cutting edge tools kept secret in a backpack, to earn the impossible millions it will take to solve her mother's murder. Each episode displays her innate building ability, with clients big and small, good and evil, while paying for, and building, the massive sets it will take to lure the Irish suspects in AISLING CORMAC'S murder to good ole USA.

     The complex murder mystery begins during the season premiere, via flashbacks, and gets solved during the series finale.

     Season long story arcs include her father who wants his tools back and blames Lind for his wife's death, the unhappy company Lind's father stole the advanced tools from, and the needs of Lind's Gen-Z brethren who consider her a hero.

     Shorter story arcs include clients with needs that are too big to compact into one episode, Lind's ever changing living situation, and thematic sculpting that's part of larger theme.


Lind.Z isn't about building. It's about the cost of genius and how Lind survives in a world where her very specific gift makes it hard to be understood by just about everyone. Because Lind is essentially her own antagonist, wrestling with her many demons (the need for physical pain, isolation, anger as revenge) is a constant. She is so centered in who she is that she doesn't think of herself as a girl first; nothing is typical: is she going to lose hold of herself or is she going to be able to make it? She's addicted to the being in control; when she's building she's the best in the world and everyone knows it. Obsessiveness is intrinsic to her. She is aware that her gift makes her special. And lives with the ever present scary knowledge that psychosis and creativity go hand in hand. When she casually imagines how wood and materials come together she sees her genius and when she imagines them pulling apart she sees the trap of insanity. For Lind, life is simple: build or die.

Lind is typical of her generation but often enough gets things twisted:

     She's ethical and moral but feels revenge is justified.

     After seeing her father fall apart financially, she is hyper focused on being financially secure. Lind wants to put every penny earned towards solving her mother's murder. Such is her obsession she often goes without the basics.

     She's full of good ideas with a rich entrepreneurial spirit.

     She's tech savvy, bomb making and holograms are specialties.

     Lind hates social media but monitors it to see if any danger is coming her way. She wouldn't admit there's a part of her that likes being heard and press notoriety. 

     The world's people and their religions are one color and one faith to her.

      She's comfortable traveling and changing her home base. 

Set Pieces

Lind's Home High Atop a Redwood Tree

While Lind is constantly building unique crash pads, her favorite is the fort high above the madding crowd.

Holiday Park

A lot outside of San Diego where Lind is building the Christmas, St. Patricks Day, and Easter sets.

The Penis Forest

In the pilot, a revenge minded Lind, carves the 20 plus 20 foot tall palm trees in someone's yard into anatomically correct phallus. The home has become a Mecca for locals and tourists.

George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and the 400 Sumo Samurai
a feature length, action, comedy.

The project title is just tongue 'n' cheek.  Plug in any celebrity with an interest in helping Africa, then add 400 Sumo Samurai, and presto: a cool, fun pic.

Log Line: 400, 400LB Sumo Samurai, recruited in the USA, head to Africa to save the day, at the behest of their famous handlers.

Thanks for submitting!


Thanks for submitting!